Terry Gross, Poetry, Psychoanalysis

I love this poem by my friend Freddy’s cousin, an homage to one of my favorite radio journalists. https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/legacy-psychiatric-reflections-on-verdict POETRY OF THE TIMES 1.  Dear Terry Back in the 70s, before I knew my own voice, I listened to yours while we learned our trades— you with comics and writers and rock stars, me withContinue reading “Terry Gross, Poetry, Psychoanalysis”

“Winter Prayer”, one of my poems published today in Your Daily Poem

Winter Prayer That first winter in Vermont,how dark and quiet the streets werein the small town. How unkind.Winding off without sidewalksinto desolate fields of snow, coyotes wailingjust beyond the widow’s lonely backyard grave.One night, cloaked in solitude like a travelerfrom another land, I followed one small sidewalkthrough the town center, past the general store,the toyContinue reading ““Winter Prayer”, one of my poems published today in Your Daily Poem”

Round and Round

At the hospital like Persepolis I steppedout of time’s familiar landscapeand left the light behind,creeping down death’s long hallways,past room after room, each onea box holding within it a life honeycombed,memories stored like the scent of cloverwithin a bale of winter hay.Finally, I found you, lying still,unable to speak. Staring into your eyes,I saw myContinue reading “Round and Round”