Salem’s Little Italy

Some would say that Salem’s Italian neighborhood began in a small room next to a fish market at 27 Front St. in the year 1914. It was then that Rev. Pietro Piemonte began the city’s first Italian Mass with a group of immigrant families who didn’t speak English. According to city records from 1910, aboutContinue reading “Salem’s Little Italy”

Salem Bakery Provides Sweet Retreat

As Salem bakery-owner Malita Fiore will testify, the life of a pastry chef is no piece of cake.  At 2 AM while most people are tucked snugly beneath the sheets, Fiore is already in the kitchen wrestling with endless layers of croissant dough. She has endured painful blisters while shaping sculptures out of boiling hotContinue reading “Salem Bakery Provides Sweet Retreat”

Excommunicated from his church, pastor draws praise and condemnation from pagans and Christians

Pastor Phil Wyman would be the first to agree that he’s a black sheep among clergy. An expert on Wicca, a well practiced interpreter of dreams, Wyman has been an avid participant in the city’s annual Halloween celebration, supporting a holiday many Christians believe to be a symbol of darkness and the occult. A littleContinue reading “Excommunicated from his church, pastor draws praise and condemnation from pagans and Christians”

Tesla Sparks the Strength to Power On

I love this poem by my honey, Jason Imanuel, published this month on Poets Online. RESISTANCE LIGHTS THE WAYStep right this way!See with your own eyes where most men shy away!Your future is now!Called the raconteur, his barker’s baritone glowingas Thomas Edison, the djinn of direct current, declared,“…alternating currents kill!”which is how he made thoseContinue reading “Tesla Sparks the Strength to Power On”